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Why do we use a resume?

The Internet has changed everything. Most of us use a search engine to research subjects; we don't go to the library. So why are we still using resumes when we can build online personal brands?

For most people, the only marketing tool they have is a resume. Look at it. Does it really represent you? Does it show who you are as a person, or where you come from and where you plan to go? Of course not. It focuses on your jobs and your education. You are much more interesting, so why not share the real you.

We make it easy. We've designed a process to help you create a powerful, personal, and professional identity. We help you highlight your natural talents, skills, and outstanding features allowing you to instantly communicate your values and personality to others.

Use it to attract clients, prospective employers, new contacts, like-minded people, or for virtually any reason you need to market yourself. And what really seperates us from other sites where you can post a profile is our focus on helping you to discover who you are and allowing you to share it with others. You get to know yourself first, and then allow others to get to know you.

As our personal branding expert advisor Krista Green writes:
"Creating your own personal brand strategy will:

  • Set you apart from your competitors
  • Reflect your values, personality, talent and skill set
  • Establish your expertise, authority and value
  • Attract your ideal clients effortlessly"
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