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What is Personal Branding?

Here's what our branding expert Krista Green writes:
"Personal branding, by definition, is the art of influencing how others perceive you. By creating a powerful personal and professional identity that highlights your natural talents, skills and outstanding features, you are able to instantly communicate your values and personality to prospective clients, potential new friends or even a soul mate."

"Creating your own personal brand strategy will:

  • Set you apart from your competitors
  • Reflect your values, personality, talent and skill set
  • Establish your expertise, authority and value
  • Attract your ideal clients effortlessly"

A Brand You're Familiar With

When considering branding in general, think of how a particular product has influenced the marketplace. For example, when you think coffee, you think Starbucks. Starbucks didn't invent coffee; they created an experience around the process of drinking coffee, they differentiated themselves. Corporations have been branding themselves and their products for a long time. They have been influencing how people perceive them all along. Why not you?

Your Personal Brand Should Make a Connection

You're painting your personal picture, telling your story, appealing to someone's emotional side, and promoting yourself in a completely authentic way. Your brand should make a connection with people. Use it to separate yourself from the crowd.

As you begin to consider your personal brand, it is important, in fact vital to be authentic. This is the key to making the emotional connection with the right people.

You Too Can Become a Free Agent

Think of branding as the tool that will propel you from the traditional methods of self-promotion, which are flat, non-personal, and 2 dimensional like a resume. Show your 3 dimensional creative you, with depth, character and untapped potential. The process alone is worth your time as it enables you to dwell on and focus in on those things that will define your passion and vision for the future.

Imagine becoming a free agent, like a well known athlete. They have effectively established their brands. As a fan, you know who they are, based on what they share about themselves both professionally and personally. Can you imagine them sending a resume? No, they don't have to, we know who they are. And that's the point.

One last thing regarding free agents, they always have someone marketing, promoting and representing them. That also is available to you by building your personal brand. You see, you can take charge of your career and your life by building your personal brand. Now imagine the potential success and lifestyle of a free agent.

The Bottom Line

You too can be empowered by having more influence. Create your personal brand with the "brand builder" and you will be set apart from your competition, reflect your values, highlight your gifts and passions, increase your credibility, and attract the ideal suitors.

Get a hold of your vision: the journey to success is just beginning, and it starts right now. Please know that it took you years to become who you are right now at this moment, so take your time and review this information. Take ownership of it by taking notes so that you can keep your mind clear and free to create your brand.